InTeach Fundraiser 2020

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As of November 6, 2020, we have sold 70 training courses for a turnover of € 60,921.
Our growth is mainly based on online advertising. But we will also have other sources of indirect leads: listing in the catalog, partnerships with influencers and press relations.

We mainly rely on advertising because it allows us, through stable lead generation and at a known price, to make the model predictable.

We have been experimenting with this small-scale BtoC model for a year, and have already gained some experience. This is what allowed us to generate 24k € in 2 months, without a dedicated brand and without optimization.

But we know that the challenge now is to achieve this on a large scale, and that this will require significant work on the creation of a strong brand and on the activation of large-scale growth levers.

For this we will be supported by a consultant specializing in brand creation and by a company specializing in supporting the growth of BtoC startups., co-founded by the former “head of growth” of Dreem, sold for 54M €, and which supports many renowned startups, including in the field of training:
The production of a formation is summarized in the diagram below. It takes about 2 months to create a training course and it costs us between 3000 € and 5000 €.

For this, we contract with an independent expert-trainer who basically produces the content for us. We take care of the educational engineering and all the formal aspects of the training production (video illustrations, quizzes, integration into the application, etc.)

We are in the process of establishing a pre-list of the training courses that we wish to include in the catalog on the basis of the trends that we observe and that come back to us from customers and contacts of our target.

We will then carry out a market study to validate the most attractive training courses in this list and prioritize their production.

We will finally launch the training catalog and communicate about it before the training is produced, in order to collect registration intentions and orient our priorities according to the reality of the market.
We have proven the profitability of our model on our first training courses, for which we have so far trained more than 70 people and generated a turnover of more than 60k €. We are convinced that the figures presented can be further improved.

What is true on a small scale is not necessarily true in the same way on a large scale, which is why we need this year to scale up the model and test it over time and on volumes. important.

This period will allow us to accumulate data in terms of customer acquisition that will be very valuable to achieve a larger fundraising in a year in order to accelerate.
From January 2021 and the completion of the fundraising, we will set up a dashboard accessible to all shareholders and presenting the following monthly data

- Number of trainings sold
- Average basket
- Customer acquisition cost
- Training cost
- Certification cost
- Added value
- Gross margin

This will allow you to follow the evolution of profitability and the relevance of the model as we grow.
We lack credibility with our target by selling only one training. The message we are sending is that we are specialized in digital marketing, which is not the case and could quickly become a brake on our growth in other areas if we were identified like this.

Most training organizations offer a catalog. This catalog will on the one hand strengthen our credibility and on the other hand broaden the spectrum of our target's leads. This will also allow us to generate recurrence, by signing the same clients on several courses and not just one.

In addition, just as you invest in multiple projects to dilute the risk, developing a comprehensive catalog allows us to dilute the risk of training that would not work well commercially.

Finally, it is obviously an axis of horizontal growth that will support our development.
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