InTeach Fundraiser 2020


Via the form below, you can tell us your investment intentions, ideally by Wednesday 11 November in order to better prepare EGM resolutions, in particular on the distribution of equities / bonds.

Do not hesitate to consult the questions / answers section which contains the questions that were asked by the shareholders during the various discussions:

  • The shares are priced at € 1,200 per share and the minimum ticket is 2 shares, or € 2,400.
  • Convertible bonds will give the possibility of acquiring shares at the same price, in 2 years, in the event of conversion, or of being remunerated up to 3.5% of interest + 3.5% of non-conversion premium in the event of no conversion. The choice will be left to you.
  • Each share (or converted convertible bond) will give the right to a “BSA ratchet 2020”, allowing to obtain 0.55% of additional shares if we do not reach € 1M in turnover in 2022.
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