This Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing of your Personal Data in the context of the provision of the Application.

Le responsable de traitement est la société CCI Formation Pro, société par actions simplifiée, au capital de 124500 euros, dont le siège social est sis 36 rue Sergent Michel Berthet – 69009 LYON (France), immatriculée au Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de LYON sous le numéro 900 074 956, représentée par Madame Aurélie MAJERA-GRIS, directrice.

As part of the provision of the Application, InTeach may collect and process Personal Data.

The confidentiality of Personal Data is of paramount importance for InTeach, which has implemented strict rules and procedures to protect it.

You are fully informed that the Personal Data submitted and collected will be subject to automated processing.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions will apply to all terms starting with a capital letter, singular and plural:

  • « Application » : l’application InTeach, éditée par InTeach. Elle peut être utilisée sur divers terminaux et en format web-app à l’adresse suivante : webapp.inteach.com.
  • "Account": Your account on the Application, accessible by Your username as well as Your password, and containing your personal information as well as Your history.
  • “CGU”: general conditions of use of the Application, accessible within the Application.
  • "Personal Data": personal data collected and processed by InTeach.
  • "Party": InTeach and / or You, taken individually and / or collectively.
  • "Privacy Policy": this document.
  • "You": you, user of the Application. "Your" and "Your" also refer to "You".


This Privacy Policy regulates the collection, processing and disclosure of Your Personal Data by InTeach in the context of the provision and use of the Application. It also details the procedures for exercising your rights on Personal Data.

You must read the entire Privacy Policy and accept it without reservation.

This acceptance will be expressed by validating the acceptance button of the Privacy Policy when registering within the Application.

InTeach reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time by publishing a new version on the Application, by notifying You by email or by notification to Your next connection.

In the absence of acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy, You will not be able to use the Application and may request the deletion of Your Account.

The applicable Privacy Policy is the last You have accepted.

The Application may contain links to a third-party site. They may have a different privacy policy and InTeach will not be responsible for them.


InTeach can collect Your Personal Data in different ways:

  • When registering for the Application.
  • When using the Application.
  • When You contact InTeach for any reason.
  • When You sign up for the newsletter.


InTeach implements the principles of Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design, to limit the Personal Data collected to the essentials.

InTeach collects and processes Personal Data to fulfill its contractual obligations to You, and in particular to:

  • Verify your identity;
  • Provide you with an Account;
  • Make the Application available;
  • Display suitable content;
  • Provide a discussion thread within the Application;
  • Track your progress within the Application;
  • Send you push notifications (new course available, duel requests, administrator messages, etc.)
  • To be able to offer the Application without technical error and to detect and correct any error;

InTeach also collects and processes Personal Data for its legitimate interest, and in particular for:

  • Improve the Application;
  • Develop statistics for the use of the Application.

When you visit InTeach sites, the Personal Data that you communicate to us via these sites can be used to:

  • Sending information relating to InTeach and its activity;
  • Sending of advertising marketing offers relating to InTeach services, by email and any other medium.

You will however have the possibility, at any time, to refuse to provide some of this Personal Data within the settings of the Application, it being understood that this may have an impact on the proper functioning of the Application.

InTeach does not collect any sensitive data. The following data are considered to be sensitive: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a union, data relating to health or sexual orientation. If such information were in any way communicated to InTeach, it will be deleted.

InTeach may collect and process the following Personal Data, if it has been provided:

Last name, first name, email address

This Personal Data is necessary to allow access to the Application, to ensure its proper functioning, to provide You with a personalized experience (Your unique profile), to provide support for the use of the Application, To relaunch you by email in if necessary (registration), and notify You of any change relating to the Application.

With Your express agreement, this Personal Data may also be used for marketing purposes.

Encrypted username and password used to connect to the Application

This Personal Data is necessary to connect to the Application and provide You with an Account.

The results of your educational activities within the Application

These results include:

  • Time spent viewing lessons
  • Points earned in capsules
  • Badges earned in assessments
  • Progression rate
  • Success rate
  • Number of duels won / lost

This Personal Data allows InTeach to:

  • Offer you a follow-up of Your progress.
  • Improve the quality of your training.
  • Track your participation and progress.
Application usage statistics (time spent)

This Personal Data allows InTeach to have data to continuously improve the Application and analyze engagement.

Requests and comments You have made to InTeach by email

This Personal Data is necessary to follow up on your requests and comments and to improve and maintain the Application.

Name, first name, email address, company, profile and size of your company

When you provide them to us as part of a contact (email, chat) via one of our sites, a subscription to the newsletter or a subscription to our services.

This Personal Data allows InTeach to relaunch you and support you in your purchasing process.


The Personal Data collected is stored within the European Union, by a service provider which applies industry standards in terms of IT security.

No data will be transferred outside the European Union.


Personal Data will never be transferred to a third party without your prior agreement.

InTeach may transfer Personal Data if InTeach is required to transmit Personal Data in response to a legal obligation.

InTeach may use the following providers, who may have access to Personal Data, which You accept:

  • Application hosting provider: Amazon Web Services
  • If the Application is provided to You by Your company: the person responsible for following the training within Your company will be able to see Your progress, Your results and Your training time as well as Your first and last names and Your score in a course.

These third parties are contractually bound to InTeach to comply with their legal and regulatory obligations with regard to personal data.

Personal Data can also be transmitted to any administrative authority by request, or in application of the law or by court decision.


InTeach ensures that Personal Data is stored under conditions that meet industry standards.

InTeach undertakes in particular to comply with the regulations applicable to the security of Personal Data.

Communications within the Application are encrypted.

InTeach ensures that its employees and service providers responsible for processing Personal Data are subject to an appropriate confidentiality obligation.

In the event of breach of Personal Data, InTeach will notify You as soon as possible.

InTeach will store Personal Data for the duration of your Account, unless it has been anonymized.

If the Account has not been active for two (2) years, or if the Account is deleted by You, the Personal Data will be deleted automatically, unless they have been anonymized.

In this case, InTeach will delete all Personal Data, with the exception of those which are strictly necessary for the fulfillment of its legal obligations, as well as those which have been anonymized.

En acceptant les présentes Conditions Générales de Vente (CGV), l’utilisateur consent expressément à télécharger et à utiliser une photo d’avatar dans le cadre de son utilisation du service proposé par Rework

L’utilisateur garantit que la photo d’avatar téléchargée est conforme aux lois et réglementations en vigueur, qu’il détient les droits d’auteur et/ou les autorisations nécessaires pour l’utilisation de cette photo, et qu’elle ne porte atteinte à aucun droit de tiers, notamment les droits de propriété intellectuelle ou les droits à l’image


InTeach may use cookies and elements having the following functions within the webapp, back office or InTeach sites:

  • Establish attendance statistics (number of visits, page views) in order to monitor and improve the quality of the Application and its services. It is possible to exclude their installation, these are not mandatory for the proper functioning of the Application.
  • Adapt the presentation of the Application to the display preferences of Your terminal. It is possible to exclude their installation, these are not mandatory for the proper functioning of the Application.
  • Memorize information entered in forms, manage and secure access to reserved and personal spaces such as the Account.
  • Allow automatic reconnection to a session.
  • Provide content related to your interests. It is possible to exclude their installation, these are not mandatory for the proper functioning of the Application.
  • Allow visitors to follow up on marketing in order to support them in the purchasing process
  • Establish communication between visitors and InTeach via chat

The cookies are:

CloudFlare - configuration of server security by client
Google Analytics - monitoring of application and site traffic
Cookie Consent - manage the acceptance of cookies
SalesIQ - allow visitors to follow up on marketing and support them in their purchasing process
Stripe - allow subscription to Inteach offers and payment

You can prevent the installation of cookies in the following ways:

  • By deleting them via the appropriate option of the browser.
  • Google Chrome: Tool menu / Settings / Show advanced settings / Content settings / Allow storage of local data.
  • Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies
  • Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/activer-desactiver-cookies-preferences
  • Safari: https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

Only technical cookies cannot be refused, these being necessary for the proper functioning of the Application.

You have the option of accepting certain cookies and refusing others, of accepting all of them, or of refusing them all, it being understood that this may disturb the functioning of the Application if they are functional cookies .

These cookies are installed for a maximum duration of thirteen (13) months.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act and the GDPR, You have the following rights for all Personal Data transmitted to InTeach:

  • Permission to access,
  • Right of rectification and modification,
  • Right to limit processing,
  • Right to object,
  • Right of portability.

It is possible to exercise these rights by contacting InTeach at the following contact address: [email protected].

In accordance with its legal obligations, InTeach will execute within a maximum period of one (1) month from the receipt of the request.


The law applicable herein is French law.

The Privacy Policy is written in French, and the French version will prevail even if translated into another language.

You can submit to the CNIL any dispute relating to the execution or interpretation of the Privacy Policy, not resolved amicably between the Parties.

It may also be submitted to the competent court of the jurisdiction of the headquarters of InTeach, including in summary proceedings, a call in warranty or a plurality of defendants, and whatever your country of origin.

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