Tandis que certains découvrent l’e-learning, d’autres réfléchissent déjà à le réinventer pour satisfaire au maximum la nouvelle génération d’apprenants. Car les responsables l’ont bien compris, il faut cerner le profil type des utilisateurs et leurs habitudes pour les satisfaire au mieux. C’est justement pour définir cette population demandeuse d’un service éducatif digital approprié qu’a été développé le concept de modern learner. Alors, quelles sont les caractéristiques de cet « apprenant moderne » ?

Impatient, rushed, demanding

Change and permanent adaptation. Here are two major parameters that allow us to define what a modern learner is. Let us not forget that the individual is both the fruit of his environment and his own projection into this environment. Its framework is therefore more and more unstable and scalable. He must therefore find solutions to respond to it by permanence. A simple example drawn from the professional framework consists of increasing mobility or the increased requirement for proficiency in foreign languages. You will understand, the modern learner always wants more of tools and of know to achieve high goals whose diversity continues to grow.

It is likely that you recognize yourself in this portrait ... This is normal because almost everyone today is a modern learner. And if you want to find out, you can ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel overwhelmed? Through information, different media (laptop, computer, screens, advertising), the multitude of tools in your work ... On average, the modern learner is interrupted every 5 minutes in its activity by a notification, a call or an application. More than 60 % of them do not have enough time to accomplish their business missions.

Are you impatient? On screen, the general attention time is estimated between 5 and 10 seconds. The very short formats (less than 30 seconds) are now privileged for capture our Warning : whether it be advertising or other communication tools.

Do you get distracted? On average we connects to the internet 27 times a day and we consult our smartphone 9 times an hour. Digital media demand our daily attention a lot, at the risk of interrupting us in our tasks.

Constraints to simple answers

If you still doubt your modern learner profile, these 3 criteria should be enough to determine you as such (or not):

  • Dynamic. MLs may be overwhelmed, their thirst for knowledge is real and their engagement depends mainly on the content quality proposed and its presentation. The predominance of social networks in the information and relationship circuit is the best symbol of this.

  • Demanding. MLs are fleeing uniform and irrelevant content that is ubiquitous in the digital age. They are looking for courses distilling a know clear and proposing a direct assessment in order to better self-assess. This is a central point because it necessarily precedes a desire for performance increased.

  • Hurry. Again the successes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are revealing. Contents short with a commitment simple and fast are the most effective. The impatience and the quantity of information delivered require formats adapted to a rhythmic lifestyle.

With its short formats (3 to 6 minutes) and its contents and engaging, mobile learning (or mobile microlearning) naturally responds to needs of this new generation of learners.

This is why we thought of InTeach with the central objective of transforming the modern constraints of mobility into educational benefits. Because progress cannot be resolved simple technological evolution but to the consideration of individuals in their professional and individual fulfillment.

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