Do you know mobile learning? Let's be simple: it is the transmission of knowledge via mobile technology, alone, or in addition to other learning tools and methods. You are going to tell us: is this what will transform our lives? Exactly. Because this definition given by UNESCO takes on its full meaning when the institution recalls that 6 billion people today have access to a mobile phone. And to conclude in his report: “Mobile technology is changing the way we live and is starting to change the way we learn. "

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Thirty years ago, how many of us had a mobile? Maybe a few thousand who proudly exhibited their Bi-Bop France Telecom. These times are very distant since the sector is now one of the fastest growing segments of the global economy. Companies, associations, institutions, all have understood the new possibilities brought by this terminal, which has become our most intimate digital ally.

With the expansion of the smartphone, education, information and, logically, knowledge transfer has completely new perspectives. Indeed the hegemony of the mobile in our digital behaviors is no longer to prove. While communication, information and games are today its main business sectors, mobile technology offers businesses and training specialists extraordinary potential. According to The newspaper of the Net67 % of French companies use e-learning for their employees. For the 33 % who only use “traditional” training, individualized or by group, or even those who do not practice it, the opportunity is just as great.

Everything for him

The advantages of mobile learning are numerous. Disseminating knowledge, a course, a graphic has become very fast. The process only takes a few minutes with real-time publishing solutions. Informing and learning is now a very process simple, and so effective. I am an instructor, I create a lesson or a module directly on the platform. The learner can access it anywhere and at any time. Knowledge is literally at hand because, as we pointed out above, the mobile phone is never far from us.

Our way of life is more nomadic than ever. Employees, freelancers, students, pupils, managers are frequently on the move. As its name suggests, mobile learning is not subject to any localization obligation. Metro, office, train, travel… Thanks to mobile learning, the modules are available all the time and without compulsory internet connection when the courses are downloadable. This is the case at InTeach.

One of the characteristics of the modern learner is his increased requirement in learning. He desires learn in a way playfulinteractive and empirical. Knowledge was and remains a very serious thing, but without changing the substance, its form has been brutally questioned in recent years. No more lengthy courses, theory only, the strong distinction between learning and evaluation ... Thanks to shorter and more fun formats - gamification - mobile learning wants to modernize the rules of training.

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An adventure that makes sense

Beyond these intrinsic advantages, this new way of thinking about learning question our relationship to knowledge and its importance. In InTeach, we believe that access to knowledge is essential and that mobile technology is our best weapon to democratize it. We are convinced that investing in these tools will make it easier for everyone to access knowledge, and thereforeindividual and collective fulfillment.

This development can only be amplified by the commitment of businesses, schools and institutions. Today, thanks to solutions simpleflexible and affordable, mobile learning is within the reach of a majority of companies, schools and organizations. In InTeach, we work every day to make it ever more simpleaccessible and engaging.

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