InTeach is the first training organization specializing in learning on smartphones. Faced with an ever increasing mobility of employees, their increasingly busy schedules and the importance of mobile in professional uses, adapting the training methods to these new uses has become obvious. 

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Have you discovered our unique pedagogy and want to use it for your next training project? We support you in all stages of your project, from design to evaluation through production and deployment.

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Mobile learning + microlearning

Distance learning without losing the commitment of face-to-face learning: this is the equation that all training managers seek to solve. Our solution: a unique method based on simple principles that have been tested and approved. Do you want to know more about our method and our platform? Contact us.

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A network of experts

We rely on a network of trusted experts that we solicit to involve them in your training if you do not have an internal referent. We are also in the process of building a catalog of off-the-shelf training based on our method, if you want to know more, contact us.

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Fundable training

On transversal subjects, we can work to take charge of all or part of your training under the training plan or the CPF as part of a co-financing company / CPF to encourage your employees to take part in your training.

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The stages of a project

During the negotiation and pre-project phase, we work with you on setting the learning objectives to be achieved as well as on the indicators of success for your project.
Co-conception workshop : on the basis of your analysis and your objectives, we design with you the plan of your training course at the macro level. We then determine the most relevant formats capsule by capsule. We support you in form and content by working with your internal referents and business experts. If necessary, we can even bring in experts from our network.

Onboarding and communication : since the launch of a training campaign is a crucial moment in its success, we work in concert with your internal communications department. Based on our experience with dozens of customers, we recommend the best strategy to adopt to engage your employees in your training and involve them as much as possible during its duration.
Audiovisual production : we produce videos, visuals, computer graphics for you and we integrate them into engaging, varied and rhythmic capsules. We work with your project managers to produce content that matches 100% to your needs.

Educational design : we write and produce the microlearning capsules for your training, incorporating stimulating and varied activities, microlearning videos and quizzes to encourage maximum engagement.
Pre-launch meeting : during this meeting, we carry out a final review of the content and schedule with you the animation of the training to ensure optimal engagement on the part of your learners. Push notifications, follow-up messages from your referees, posts on the wall, everything is pre-programmed and precise to obtain maximum participation.

Launch : D-day, we support you in the deployment and can manage the launch of your campaign on your behalf. We make sure that your communication is impactful and allows an optimal start.
Real-time tracking : we provide you with access to our platform and its training monitoring dashboard. We can also integrate an advanced dashboard with Tableau or DataStudio.

End of training report : we systematically plan a review meeting during which we present the results of your training. It is also an opportunity to assess yourself against other similar training.

Connection statements : in the context of OPCO or CPF financing, we can provide you with precise connection statements as well as the results of the final evaluations in order to meet the requirements of the funders.

Our areas of expertise

Digital marketing and social networks
Digitization and digital transition
Commercial performance
Product training
Onboarding of new employees
IT security
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