How to hire learners behind their screens? This is undoubtedly the most important challenge currently facing digital learning managers and training managers.

Because if the advantages that digital offers in terms of training are numerous, a difficulty remains: that of motivating users too often left to their own devices and isolated.

The features on social networks have drawn new uses in our daily lives. We can seize these uses and make them effective weapons to accompany, remotely, in a human and personalized way, each participant.

This is why we believe it is essential, at a minimum, to run our training sessions via an online discussion space in order to create a real group dynamic. And, ideally - this is what we do in 80% cases - we must offer strong support from an expert trainer available to learners to give them feedback and answer their questions throughout training. Tools like chat, video or webinar allow you to easily set up this type of remote support.

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